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Annual subscriptions for Kchecks by Kinney Services, Inc.  

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Kchecks Single License Subscription (Annual)

A single license package for School Districts, Nursing Homes, Independent Agencies, Providers and not for profit organizations.

Kchecks 5 License Pack

The Kchecks 5 License pack is for larger organizations that need more flexibility to organize their exclusion groups.

Kchecks 10 License Pack

The ten license pack is for growing professional organizations that require greater flexibility in managing their exclusion checking.

Kchecks Small Hospital Package

This license package was specifically designed for small hospitals.

Kchecks Large Hospital Pack

This package was specifically designed for large hospitals with over 500 million in revenue.

Kchecks Custom License

The Kchecks custom license product is specifically for clients that have exceptional circumstances or greater needs. To use the custom license payment method, enter the amount previously agreed upon with Kchecks sales and purchase as you would any other product. If you need assistance, please call us at +1 (518) 371-0176